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Advantages for Your Company
  • Uniform terminology provides the background for continuously accurate, high quality translations.

  • Access to company-specific dictionaries through the intranet, or internet.

  • WebTerm makes it possible to achieve effective, global, decentralised work.

Advantages for terminology compilers
  • Simple terminology administration, even over the internet.

  • Completely user friendly.

  • Efficient communication with all participants through a single port.

Downloadable database:

WebTerm makes it possible for a company's employees to access the company's dictionaries through the intranet or internet.

Easy terminology maintenance:

Wherever they may be in the world, the terminologists can edit and update the terminology through WebTerm or though a browser.

Multimedia terminology management:

Graphics, videos and sound files which make understanding the terminology easier can be stored, along with textual information.


Every WebTerm user and user group has their own login details and customizable access, editor user privileges.


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