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Transit is a complex program package, which speeds up the translation process by developing its own dictionaries and ensuring uniform word use, all while facilitating the use of similar, previously translated material, during the translation. Transit is capable of handling almost any editable file format.

An updated statistical report on the size of the translation is available at any time - by designating the unit price you can even generate an invoice or a quotation.

The translation source material and the completed translations are stored in a uniform environment, thus they can be quickly archived and searched.

The check functions ensure that the completed translation is of excellent quality. In addition to traditional spellchecker functions, Transit checks for unnecessary spaces, formatting information, numbers, and uses the dictionary-based terminology.

Experience shows that using Transit saves time and reduces costs by 30-70%.

Its latest version, Transit NXT blends more than 20 years of experience with the newest technologies. Keeping the useful functions and making use of the most modern know-how of software developments, the program provides an even wider range of support in even more areas of the translation in an even easier to use format. New functions, new appearance and other novelties! It is worth a try - test it for one month - for free

Transit NXT's new features (pdf)

You can test Transit NXT Professional version for one month free of charge!
For further information please call or write!
Tel: +36 (1) 413-6493

Versions of Transit / TermStar:

  • Professional   – For translation agencies
  • Freelance Pro – For one-person agencies, with Import/Export function
  • Workstation – For freelance translators, without Import/Export functions

Detailed product information and comparison is provided here!

Advantages of using Transit / Termstar

Advantages for Your Company
  • After the introduction of the translation memory, the language-related costs associated with the introduction of a product to the global market can be reduced by as much as 70%.

  • The uniform word use results in high quality translations.

  • The time allotted for translation is significantly reduced.

Advantages for terminology compilers
  • Automatic creation of terminology projects using several dictionaries.

  • Creates a comfortable, professional environment for terminology-related work.

  • An ideal tool for the maintenance of professional vocabulary, as you can even save expressions in your terminology database.

Advantages for Translators
  • Former translations are easily reused.

  • Efficient terminology-support.

  • Significant increase in performance.

  • Quick and efficient quality assurance.

  • The automatic calculation of costs in each work phase.

  • One editing program for all data formats.

  • Opening all files of a project in a single window.

  • Easy transposition of suggested words (with a single key combination) into the translated text.

Advantages for the Project Manager
  • Simultaneous handling of translation projects in several languages.

  • Clear project planning by defining the projects by client.

  • Projects are stored logically, thus translations are easy to prepare and distribute.

  • Provides a uniform work environment in all project phases.

  • Offers a wide range of useful functions for quality control.

  • Pre- and post-calculations are easy to calculate in any project phase.

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