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The STAR Group

STAR Group was founded in 1984-ben in Switzerland, since that it has turned into an international network of translation agencies with global presence, available for the clients with 46 owners in 31 countries. Details

STAR and its cooperation partners offer professional translation services that cover almost every language and area of expertise, additionally, they work globally on the development and enhancement of the computer environment of translation work.

STAR Group offers you the following:

  • A worldwide organisation cooperating which cooperates with a range of countries.
  • Effective services for the successful realisation of professional international and multimedia communication.
  • Broad infrastructure in the interest of improving international communication.
  • Innovation in improving the effectiveness of work processes and in the field of professional translation technology.
  • International experience and market knowledge covering the whole world.
  • Trained, qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Effective organisation and infrastructure suited for large-scale projects.

Members of the STAR Group

STAR offices worldwide