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General Web Search

Searching for definitions, abbreviations:

search: define UNESCO
reply: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Link Collections


This British web site is still under construction, but already lists a wide variety of instruction manuals, user guides and operating instructions for devices or other sites where they are located. (It even contains a few funny ones!) See, for instance, http://www.instruction­ for a list of telephone guides.


List of German online glossaries concerning a wide range of subject areas. Some of the links stated are multilingual sources.
2.200 links to English, German and other word lists! (Quelle: Colin Newberry)

Mailing List

Abbreviation Collection and Search

This is a quick-working tool to help you find out what acronyms in English, German, Dutch and other languages actually mean. In fact, it frequently gives you a list of several possible meanings. There are almost 350,000 items listed! (May 2004)

Hungarian abbreviation collection. Updated through user input. More or less well organised. You can even create your own collection. It is a good example of a process which results in content, which can be practically used by the translator, and is gradually available in Hungarian as well. It's worth a try.

Encyclopaedia of electronic abbreviations­

Medical abbreviation collection

Abbreviations (general)

Collection of abbreviations in Hungarian and other languages, completed with thematic groups.

Spelling, Grammar, Style (Hungarian, English)


Hungarian grammar The downloadable MHSZ11.ZIP file contains the 11th edition in MS Word format. Its advantage over the paper-based edition is that we can search much faster with the help of Word's search function.

Helps choose between different spellings through Google.


Strunk: Elements of Style A sort of a bible for those writing and translating in English. Although it is slightly dated, the explanations are clear and easy to remember. (ZIP-compressed PDF file, which may be read with Acrobat Reader after decompression.)

Encyclopaedias, Reference Texts

Pallas encyclopaedia (A Pallas Nagy Lexikona)

Hungarian Wikipedia

Laws and Parliamentary Resolutions:

Explanation of natural history terms and expressions:

Management encyclopaedia:

Financing-related terms:

Irrigation encyclopaedia: