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Help for Translators

General and mixed dictionaries

Mixed dictionaries

English-Hungarian online dictionary:
A very reliable service by SZTAKI

Webster's Online Dictionary: http://www.websters­dictionary­
The dictionary which not only provides translations in several languages, but also contains definitions in English, synonyms in context, text with a clearly stated source and date, statistics, etc.

The online dictionaries of “The Last Word Cultural and Information Foundation”: English-Hungarian, German-Hungarian, French-Hungarian stock exchange dictionary, multilanguage military dictionary and English-Hungarian police dictionary, Latin-English-German-Hungarian anatomy dictionary and multilanguage space dictionary.

On-line English single language dictionary and thesaurus search. New. Fast. not always suitable for the search for special expressions; fairly general.


American Heritage Dictionary:
Contains a large amount of factual information, names, etc. You can conduct a search in quotation collections, in Strunk's style handbook, in dictionaries, in the literary text of a number of authors, in the inauguration speeches of US presidents, etc.

Marriam-Webster OnLine:
On-line English single language dictionary and thesaurus search. You can listen to the pronunciation of words.

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