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Our quality assurance system

STAR Hungary Kft. uses a threefold system to ensure the highest quality.

1. Legal guarantees

    The management intends to demonstrate its commitment to quality by the development, implementation and constant enhancement of our MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 compliant quantity management system.

    Take a look at our certificates in Hungarian, English, German or French.

    DIN EN 15038 registration number: 7U170 ( In the course of our technical translation tasks, we take into account the specifications of the MSZ EN 15038. “Translation services. Requirements”.

2. Personal guarantees

  • Our executives, translators and proofreaders have degrees, in addition to several years of professional experience, in several languages and a variety of professional fields.

  • Our colleagues take part in regular training programs. We feel that it is our responsibility to train Transit users as well, and we offer additional support via phone or email, since we know that teamwork is essential for attaining the highest possible quality in our work.

3. Organisational guarantees

  • Spellcheck in 18 languages

  • Verification of the translation's completion

  • Verification of the uniformity of terminology

  • Verification of format codes

  • Verification of the special writing of numbers and units for the given country.

  • Notation window dynamically linked to text segments, with the possibility of adding comments to questionable segments. The notation window also contains standard information, such as status, the quality of the pre-translation, or the name of the last user to modify the segment.

  • Extended functions for project analysis (based on either source or target language, on word or segment-level), which show the progress or the completion of the translation (six different states).

  • Projects are handled the same way with the transposition of the specifications from previous projects.

  • The selective inspection of the text with the help of filters.

    Our clients always work with the same project manager, whose task is to oversee their work. He or she maintains contact with the client and the translator, ensuring that the completed translation meets all the requirements.

    STAR Hungary Kft. ensures that every staff member and sub-contractor of the Company understands the quality management policy of the company, the fundamental aims, structure and operating requirements of the quality management system, and expects that these are applied in daily routine.