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FormatChecker is an easy to use, intelligent program, which allows for the overview of data formatted in Microsoft Word or FrameMaker. It searches for word processing errors in the given document, counts them and evaluates the document based on editing criteria. Thus, it considerably facilitates the preparation of the translation, and the translation process itself. It can search for several error types, and the settings can be saved for later use. It does not correct mistakes, it does not suggest a correction, it simply shows where mistakes are. Correction is our job.


  • Optimises uniform formatting of documents

  • Facilitates word processing

  • Decreases DTP and word processing costs

  • Optimises DTP word processing

  • Time and cost efficient

  • It provides a continuous concept, allowing you to reach a higher formatting quality


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GRIPS is a comprehensive concept which supports all versions of information processing, from editing to multimedia publishing.

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With the help of SPIDER it is easy to query or display information in different media. It makes the process of publication completely automatic.

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The STAR James offers an optimal, integrated solution for automatic and semi-automatic project co-ordination and management.

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MindReader enables direct access to the reference in the Transit translation memory system. As the reference document is not stored and handled by sentence, rather as an entire document, it is much easier to select the appropriate translation from among the suggestions relying on the easy-to-follow contextual relations.

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i-KNOW is an information shell that uses state-of-the-art Internet technology to provide new and comprehensive opportunities in interactive communication management in the field of information transfer among customers, trainers and employees.

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