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Terminology management

Terms are collected from source and target language text, which are then matched and stored in a dictionary. If required, vetting of these in terms of language and professional contents

Translation memory

The translation memory was designed to help translators, by allowing for the fast and simple utilisation of previous translations, during work in a similar field. When using it, you do not have to focus on the terms, intricate sentence structure and terminology of previously translated documents. In case of similar translations, you can save a considerable amount of time and money by using the translation memory!

However, it is important to note that only texts which have passed through the quality control process are saved into the translation memory. In this case the translation memory not only increases the speed of translation, but also improves its quality through the standardisation of its style and content.

This technology is just as useful for individual translators as it is for translation agencies. Costs can be lowered and quality increased in all cases where several translators are working on a large amount of text at the same time (or sequentially). Through the consistent use of the translation memory, a scenario where one translator used the expression bookkeeping whereas another used accounting for the same term can be avoided. Since if one translator has translated a segment, then the sentences and expressions included in the segment are at the disposal of the other translators.

Transit supports a standard TMX data exchange format for the exchange of translation and translation memory data with other translation memory systems. The greatest advantage of the program, is that it makes the instant use of previous translations possible, without searching and having to remember the date and topic of the translation.

Preparation of reference materials:

The quick preparation of translations not prepared in Transit is made possible by Transit's built-in alignment tool. The prepared data will be available for you in subsequent projects already as a translation memory!


Our aim is to provide readily available information related to the Transit translation environment for Hungarian businesses, translation agencies and translators.

We consider it our function to train users of Transit and to support them by telephone or e-mail, as well as to distribute the software package in the Hungarian market.