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Our Goals and Principles


  • Our primary goal is to offer a high quality, reliable and dependable service to Hungarian and foreign companies in need of translations. In order to achieve this goal we choose the most appropriate translator from our constantly expanding network, who must be experienced both in the language and in the given field of work. We help them in their work as much as possible by providing them with electronic dictionaries, reference material and aids to ensure the uniform use of terminology, and to produce a translation which is accurate both linguistically and professionally.

  • Furthermore, our aim is to make access to information related to the Transit translation environment easily accessible for Hungarian businesses, translation agencies and translators. We feel responsible for training Transit users and we offer additional support by phone or email. We also distribute the Transit program package within Hungary.

  • In order to ensure quality, our agency prefers using the Transit translation environment for translations; we recommend and generally expect its use from translators cooperating with us.


One of the most important objectives of our company is to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the quality of our translations. To ensure this, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Our translators only translate into their native language.

  • The translations are proof¬≠read by an expert in the language and an expert in the given field or trade.

  • The satisfaction of our clients means that our services must meet their requirements (quality + deadlines + costs).

  • We do not deliver inferior end-products!

  • Quality does not depend on our personal opinion, it is based entirely on the conditions set by our clients.

  • Quality should be the result of careful work, not the result of constant review and correction.

  • The regular training of our colleagues and the continuous refining of processes form part of our commitment to quality.