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The STAR Group, in addition to being active in translation encompassing almost every language and professional field, is also working on the worldwide development and refinement of an electronic translation environment.

There are currently hundreds of companies and translators worldwide using the Transit translation environment, which primarily aids the translation of specialised technical texts. Aside from contributing to the improvement of quality, it also significantly reduces the timeframe and expenses of a project.

Transit is excellent for computer aided translations. It was developed as a result of several years of experience in the fields of translation and document management. The translators are more or less free from routine work, thus they can concentrate on creative translations. Experiences show that using Transit saves time and reduces costs by 30-70%.

Translation Memory System

The TermStar dictionary system, which is available as a separate product, makes it possible to generate multilanguage dictionaries, and update them, attaching synonyms and explanations to the individual words. The dictionary can be changed, updated and searched, even while in use.


Terminology Management System

WebTerm 6.0 provides intranet, or internet-based access to company dictionaries.

Global Terminology Management

STAR Group offers several other translation supporting software applications (GRIPS, FormatChecker, STAR James, SPIDER, MindReader, i-KNOW) for professional translating.