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Our prices

Translation, proofreading:

Our translation prices are calculated based on words, lines or characters, as desired by our client. Transit calculates the number of units to be translated, indicating the total number of units in the document, as well as the number of translated and untranslated units. If needed, we can calculate our prices based on either the source or target language.

Using the statistics function of the translation program, we can calculate a favourable price for our clients. We only charge full price for new units to be translated. In case of repetitions, 100% (perfect match) or 75-99% (fuzzy match) we provide significant discounts. Our clients may further reduce their translation costs by attaching a memory file to the project.

Desktop Publishing:

Our company is able to work with most of the currently available DTP programs. Pre-press prices are determined based on the number of pages or as hourly fees, which is uniform and does not depend on the DTP program used.

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